How We Work

Functional Web Development Focused on Your Business Goals

Sparks Arts website development service goes beyond the basic technical process of building your website. Lots of people can build a pretty website. If that’s all you want, if you don’t care if your website will actually accomplish your goals and improve your business success, we encourage you to find another developer.

Our true goal is to develop an online solution that will support your goals and make you more successful. That involves much more than code, fancy new eye candy, and a flashy presentation. It requires a measurable goal and a well thought out strategy to achieve it. This is not one-size-fits-all. Your goals and dreams are unique, and our solution is tailored to your needs.

In order to accomplish this we must first gain a clear understanding of your business or organization, your problems, goals, products and services, the image you wish to portray, your target market, and your budget. To achieve this awareness requires a collaborative relationship between Sparks Arts and you, the client. We listen to your needs and offer advice based on our expertise and experience. Without this awareness we will be unable to build the most effective solution for you.

Keep in mind, to do this correctly you will probably need to work almost as hard as we do. Depending on the level of service you select, writing content and creating needed photographs may be your responsibility. Delays in providing this content will extend the time it takes to complete your project. These details will be worked out early in our relationship. If we have all the necessary text, images and photographs we can complete your website within two to six months depending on the scope, functional requirements, and design complexity.

Sparks Arts’ 10 Step website development process:



Interview - your preference in person if you’re local, on the phone, or video conference.

This is where we get to know your business intimately, discuss and document your purpose and needs. This is the most important part of the process. It requires us both to thoughtfully and thoroughly explore and define your goals. The success of everything that follows depends on it.

We provide questions ahead of time so you can give it a lot of thought and prepare for a successful meeting.



Analysis, Research and Concept Development

Research your industry and competitors, and develop an action plan strategy to improve on the best we find.


Present Our Recommendations

Keep in mind your preferences are not always the most effective for your market. In most cases your goal is to encourage visitors to take a certain action. Your design and content choices should be based solely on that metric.


Agree on Scope of Project

Document your final decision on required website features and content, visual style, site architecture, the work we will do, what we’ll need from you, who is responsible for what, project timeline, price quote and payment schedule at predetermined milestones - deposit to begin, midpoint and final payment at launch.

Final Scope of Work (SOW) agreement provided in writing detailing exactly what is included, price and estimated completion times for project milestones. The SOW document sets expectations and ensures successful project completion. Both client and Sparks Arts sign the agreement.

Deposit payment - 30% of project estimate for first time clients.

Inevitably, during the development new ideas will surface that may expand the scope of the project. This additional work will alter the cost and timeline to completion and will be negotiated at the time they occur.


Content Creation

Create and gather meaningful content - text and photos, custom graphics, logo, etc.

Visual Design

Determine color scheme and website layout that will appeal to your specific target audience, be user-friendly and guide visitor’s focus to the right places.


Site Development

Select best extensions/plugins to provide required functionality.

Set up website development environment available on the internet so you may view progress. Install and configure CMS, extensions and template.

Add content

Client approval along the way

Additional services prior to launch:


Testing & Quality Assurance

Your new website is thoroughly reviewed and tested by both you and us to insure everything is working as intended on all devices - desktop, tablet, and mobile. Every page, link, image, form, call to action button, etc. is viewed as if we were a visitor. Ideally we have people use the site who are unfamiliar with the project to see if they have any problems with intuitive site usability.

Fix any issues found, make any requested corrections.

Final Approval / Final Payment.



Your new site is released into the wild and goes live on your domain name.

Pop open the champaign, let the celebrations commence!



If you will be performing any of your website content updates, we provide the necessary basic training you need to quickly get up to speed.



Let the world know you’re online!


On-Going Maintenance & Support

Your new website is built and live to the world, but it’s never finished. Websites are constantly evolving marketing asset. It should grow with your business, new developments, new products and services, and the changing marketplace. Much of the content editing can be handled by you if you prefer, but new functionality and completely new sections for your website are best handled by your website developer for quick delivery and correct implementation.

Due to a few flaky, fly-by-night operators, people are often wary of website developer promises. We’ve heard horror stories of the web guy that bids too low, takes the money, starts the job, then disappears before it's finished! Be assured we are NOT like that.

Sparks Arts has been in business full-time since 2005 and we rely largely on long-term relationships with satisfied clients and their referrals. We want to maintain an on-going, mutually-beneficial relationship with you. We are here when you need us.

Contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to provide suggestions on how you can be more successful, based on our experience and known best practices. We’ll provide our recommendations, a proposal and estimate for your consideration.

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On-going Services to support your new online presence

  • PEAK Website Maintenance is our flat-rate, on-going monthly security maintenance service. The software running your website must be kept up-to-date with the latest versions as they are released to insure website security and keep up with current internet practices and standards. This service also includes periodic security audits and malware scans.
  • PEAK Email Marketing is an extremely affordable email marketing service that offers the same critical features as big name national email marketing brands for much less cost.
  • Premium Email Accounts - Professional, affordable email service provides very effective spam filters, auto-sort incoming mail to custom mailboxes, plus cloud storage, shared calendars and documents, and online video conferencing.

Our pre-defined packages are charged at the stated flat rate. Routine website content updates, revisions or modifications are billed at a negotiated retainer fee or per-job project rate, depending on your needs. You always know what your total investment will be before any work begins.