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Although our customers are worldwide, the Sparks Arts business philosophy is based on personal customer service and integrity.

Richard Sparks, Website Developer

Richard Sparks

Account Director

I have been developing websites since 2000. In 2005 I quit my day job and launched Sparks Arts as a full-time consulting service. I’m usually found glued to my Mac building and maintaining websites, helping SMB clients be more successful online. My formal education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media and a Certificate in Computer Graphics. The internet, web design standards and design trends are rapidly evolving. To keep up I engage in substantial and continuous reading and education through online training certificates and professional conferences.

In my off-hours, I enjoy getting outdoors in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, hiking, birding and enjoying the scenery. I’m a chocoholic, micro-brew analyst with a taste for IPA, and computer nerd prone to spontaneous bursts of dialog from Monty Python, Star Trek and Firesign Theatre — if you know who FT is, we need to talk!

Christine Sparks, Designer

Christine Sparks

Creative Director

Providing creative and effective design for my clients to boost their marketing expectations continues to be my business goal. Prior to establishing Sparks Arts, I completed degrees in Art and Digital Art and worked for two professional design firms. I continue to build my design skills through online certification courses, and also offer copy-editing and technical writing services for my clients.

When I’m not designing you’ll find me, binoculars in hand, having fun watching birds in their natural environment. Sure, I get teased ‘cause I take my binocs everywhere–but I like to compare the excitement and dedication I put towards my clients with my passion for birdwatching: Like spending an hour at midnight in the middle of a mosquito–cranky marsh listening for the distinctive call of the tiny Black Rail, or getting up at 4:00 AM to participate in a citizen science Eastern Screech Owl monitoring project. How does that compare, you ask? Well, for starters listening to my clients’ goals, and offering the tenacity — true grit attitude to provide outstanding design to meet those goals. I really look forward to assisting you with all your projects, and I’ll bet you 10 American Three-toed Woodpeckers you’ll love working with me.

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Sparks Arts is a proud member of SITE - the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence!

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Functional web development and design services focused on achieving your business goals.

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Richard makes the daunting process of setting up and managing a website so easy. He responds to my requests quickly, follows my instructions accurately, and works with my text and photos expertly. He is talented, efficient and professional. I feel blessed to have Richard in my life.
Cris Evatt-Williams, author – Princeville, Hawaii
Cris Evatt-Williams, author – Princeville, Hawaii