Website Services

On-Going Services To Support Your Success

Building and launching your website is just the first step. Sparks Arts provides quality services to host your site online, enhance marketing and communication, keep your website software up-to-date, safe, secure, and loading fast for higher search engine ranking and visitor satisfaction.

Sparks Arts Website Services

Website Hosting

High-performance cloud hosting by SiteGround, one of the world’s premier hosting companies with best-of-class support, performance and security. Only the best for our clients.

Domain Name Registration

We fully manage domain names registered through Sparks Arts, handling all the technical set up, DNS server settings, renewals, etc. You don‘t have to worry about a thing!

Website Security

Take proactive steps to repel the hacker threat. PEAK Website Security sets your “deflector shields to maximum”! Our 12-point system use best practices to keep your website safe.

Security Audit

A comprehensive recommendation report detailing the current security condition of your website, including all existing vulnerabilities and recommended remedies.

Website Performance

If your website takes longer than 2-3 seconds to load, you’re creating a bad impression and loosing visitors. To achieve the success you desire, squeeze out every last millisecond.

Website Maintenance

Keep your website safe and secure with immediate software updates, routine security audits and malware scans. Let us manage your website maintenance so you can focus on managing your business.

Email Marketing Service

PEAK Email Marketing is an extremely affordable email marketing service that offers the same critical features of  national email marketing brands for much less cost. NO subscriber or sending limits.

Premium Email Accounts

Professional, affordable email service provides very effective spam filters, auto-sort incoming mail to custom mailboxes, plus cloud storage, shared calendars and documents, and online video conferencing.

Joomla! Migration

Out-of-date Joomla! software is a prime target for hackers seeking vulnerabilities they can exploit. Don’t risk being compromised. Take action today. Upgrade your website to the latest versions of Joomla! core and your installed extensions.

What Our Clients Say –

I've been really happy with Richard and Christine’s work. They were prompt and efficient and worked at finding the cheapest way to print up business cards and to host the website. Richard’s a very fine web designer, he really knows his stuff. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on the website he designed for my recording studio business. I’d recommend them without any hesitation!
Dave Ogden, Owner/Recording Engineer/Musician
Clear Creek Recording – Keene, CA
Dave Ogden, Owner/Recording Engineer/Musician, Clear Creek Recording – Keene, CA