Small Business Websites

Your Business Website – The Core of Your Marketing Strategy

Are you still sitting on the fence about getting a website for your business? If so you are part of a shrinking minority. summarized recent surveys by Clutch, a Washington, DC-based business-to-business research firm:

  • In 2016, 46% of small businesses did not have a website.
  • By 2017, the number of small businesses without a website dropped to 29%.
  • 79% of small businesses with a website say it’s mobile-friendly.
  • 92% of small businesses without websites say they will have one by the end of 2018
A professionally-developed website for your business has a lot of benefits. It can be your core online marketing engine to raise public awareness, build trust, generate leads, and attract new customers. Read my blog post 9 Reasons You Need a Website to see what you’re missing.

Don’t have a website for your business yet?

Potential customers you’re looking for are online — looking for you. You NEED to be there, too.

Small business owners often feel they can’t afford a website, but you don’t have the time or interest to learn now to create a high-quality website on your own.

No worries. We can develop that great website you need and still stay within your budget.

Does Your existing business website need a face-lift?

Having no website is bad, but having a bad website is almost worse.

Unfortunately, many small business websites are old-fashioned, full of out-of-date information, and just don’t work well on mobile devices like tablets and phones. This creates a negative impression with your visitors. They tend to associate the quality of your online experience with the quality of your business service or products. And you can bet that’s costing you lost opportunities. In today’s competitive business market the badly designed site will lead to the brand’s failure.

You know you need to upgrade your website. We’re here to help you get the website that will properly support your business goals.

Questions? We’re here to help with a no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs, goals, and concerns regarding a new or upgraded business or corporate website.