Professional Association Websites

Custom Website Development for Membership Organizations

Does your current association website effectively communicate your message? Does it present the correct image to the public?

For any member organization, your website is the most visible marketing tool. It communicates who you are and what you do, and often gives potential new members their first impression of your association. Visitors ought to be able to figure out what the association does, how professional it is, if and how it provides value to members.

If your current website is disorganized, out-of-date, with broken links and old-style design - that’s the image of your association you’re giving to the public.

Your association website should be much more than just a static brochure of basic information. Make your association website the centralized source of membership benefits, showcase value, support association initiatives, and provide enticement for new members to join. Let’s make your association website the dynamic, interactive must-visit place for your members to engage, stay informed and receive value.

Working closely with organization management, we determine your needs and goals to develop engaging, informative websites that provide value to members for:

  • Business / Trade Associations
  • Civic Groups
  • Political Organizations
  • Non-Profits
  • Churches

Associations aren’t all the same. We provide a wide-range of website options and functionality to fulfill your specific needs.

We recommend you develop your website in stages. Start with a minimum viable product, then add features over time.

Our association website solutions feature:

In addition to the awesome core features included with every website we build, our association website packages are –

  • Consistent with your mission and goals
  • Customizable and scalable
  • Visually engaging
  • Clear Navigation - Makes it easy to find the tools your members want
  • Unlimited pages
  • Website search
  • Privacy Policy
  • Search Engine Optimization strategy

We love working with professional associations!
We built our first association website in 2008, and they’re still one of our favorite clients.

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Possible association website goals to consider and available options to achieve them…

Inform & Engage Current Members

Any association’s most important element is its members. Your website should reflect this.

Enhance communication between association and members • Provide engagement opportunities among members • Some content may be available only to registered members behind a login as an exclusive membership benefit.

  • Online community
  • Enable members to connect with each other
  • Discussion Forums
  • Ask questions, get expert answers from your peers
  • Member Directory / Profiles
  • Member News
  • Member Spotlight, New Member Profiles
  • Resource library
  • Upcoming and Past Events - details of association meetings, industry meetings and conferences, etc.
  • Online event registration
  • Article comments
  • Surveys and summarized results
  • Jobs / Resumé listings
  • Project and Groups pages
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Join a Committee
  • Board / Committee Members
  • Meeting agenda / minutes
  • President’s Message
  • Give Back - Charities Supported, Scholarships
  • Email newsletters - keep emails short using introductory teasers with a link to the full article on website.
  • Webinars
  • Resources for Industry education, training, and certification
  • Blog with multiple authors
  • News updates

Recruit New Members

Showcase your association’s value. Provide enticements to join.
  • Clearly communicate what your association is all about - its goals, objectives, and benefits
  • Information about your association
  • What you do
  • Benefits you provide
  • Past & upcoming event details – inform new members what to expect
  • Photo and Video Galleries
  • Member testimonials
  • Awards received by your association and members
  • How to join - clear sign up process, who to contact with problems.
  • Online membership registration and renewals, collect dues online
  • Chapter Statistics - # of members, membership categories
  • Contact Information - address, phone, email

Recruit & Acknowledge Sponsors

Sponsors help pay your bills, and may even lower costs to your members.
  • Explain the benefits your sponsors receive
  • Sponsorship opportunities - detail the available options & support levels
  • List contacts for more information or to sign up
  • Online payment options for sponsorship
  • Provide sponsor promotion on your event pages and a dedicated sponsors thank you page


Be a credible, reliable reference of information about your industry for journalist, bloggers and anyone interested.

After your new association website is launched, in order to fully achieve your goals you need to routinely:

  • Keep website content up-to-date
  • Add fresh, timely, relevant content on a regular basis
  • Regularly communicate with your members via email and social media

Sparks Arts can help you develop an on-going plan to maximize website value to your members.