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Tips For Writing an Effective Business Blog

Tips For Writing an Effective Business Blog

Write for your potential customers’ benefit

Provide your target market with helpful information they are looking for. This will elevate you to expert status in their eyes and make them more likely to seriously consider you when they are ready to buy.

Topic Ideas:

  • Answer the questions customers have about your industry, products or services.
  • Discuss new or revised products or services
  • How-to tutorials (could also be a video as well as text/images)
  • Customer stories
  • List best tools, apps or software in your field
  • Share your opinion on timely industry trends
  • Provide useful information for each step of the buying cycle
  • Explain how to choose the right product or service for their needs
  • Show them how to succeed or solve common problems in your field
  • Provide helpful, useful, informative content that your ideal prospects are searching for
  • Make it timely, relevant valuable information
  • Avoid strong sales pitches - this isn’t about selling, it’s about being helpful and showing your expertise

Blog Frequently

Once a week is a good goal. A blog can only gain an audience if you are consistent, and new posts are added regularly.

Keep Your Blog Posts Short

People are in a hurry. Unless they are very interested in all details of your topic, they won’t read a long post. Aim for 250-500 words as a general rule, so you have to be concise. If necessary to get your message across, then by all means go longer. If it’s very long, consider serializing it into multiple posts which could build reader anticipation. Keeping it short makes it easier to blog frequently.

Make It Readable

Break up your text into short paragraphs. Use lots of headings or bulleted lists that lend themselves to scan-reading that most people do on the internet. Use illustration graphics and photos - they quickly attract attention.

Engage Your Audience

Request and respond to comments.

Be Consistent

You’ll eventually find your blogging voice that is an informal and personal representation of your business image. Strive to be a positive, friendly, and helpful resource.

Measure Your Blog Performance

Check your Google Analytics account to learn how people are finding your blog and which posts are most popular. This information can help you narrow down the type of content readers like so you can create more.

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