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5 Things You Need To Begin A Website Project

5 Things You Need To Begin A Website Project

Thinking of upgrading your current website or creating a new one?

Here are 5 important items to consider and prepare before you begin. Giving thought to these topics will help you and your website developer understand what you need and speed you through the development process.

1. Determine Why the Project is Necessary and What You Hope to Achieve

I strive to meet or exceed your expectations. This will be difficult to accomplish without a clear understanding of your motivations, goals, and purpose.

2. Document a Complete List of Your Design Requirements

Brainstorm a list of all design elements you think you need to achieve your goals, such as:

  • Topics and pages for your website
  • Special functionality such as shopping cart, gallery, contact forms, blog, videos
  • Graphics and photos
  • Logo design
  • Business cards
  • Advertisement design and layout
  • Email marketing; custom, branded, mobile-friendly email template

This will provide me with a head-start understanding your vision. It will guide my recommendations and help assure a more accurate estimate of project cost and time to completion.

3. Determine Your Target Audience

Identify and define your potential customers. Who are your trying to reach? Who is most likely to be interested in your products, services or website topic? This is the most important aspect and drives the entire process. Without a clear understanding of this, it’s unlikely your project will effectively achieve your goals.

4. Determine Your Budget

Understanding what you can afford and are willing to pay allows you to realistically determine how much you’ll be able to achieve for your money, and allows me to offer a range of options. Keep in mind a website developed with your goals specifically in mind will result in more conversions and could result in greater income and return on investment.

5. Be Prepared to Work With Your Designer

Website development, branding and marketing isn’t something you can just turn over to a professional and forget about until it’s done. To achieve good results requires collaboration. We know design, the technical aspects of website setup, marketing best practices, etc, but we don’t know your business. That’s where you’re the expert. The message you wish to convey to the world must be crafted by you and express your image and personality. You need to write the content and provide photography of products and staff. We can provide recommendations and polish what you provide, but we can’t write it with your knowledge.

See how Sparks Arts can help increase your online marketing success with a new website or a redesign/upgrade or your existing website.

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