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10 Essential Features For Your E-Commerce Store

10 Essential Features For Your E-Commerce Store

When planning or upgrading your online shop, overlooking these critical features could have detrimental, negative effects on your e-commerce success.

1. Security

Make sure your website has an SSL certificate installed to provide a secure connection between your customer and the website server. This will show the green SECURE notice in browsers’ address bar to assure your customers they are safe.

You can also provide other trustmarks that show a security guarantee from an external party indicating it’s safe to shop on your website. These trustmarks may come from your SSL certificate provider, BBB, TRUSTe, etc.

2. Fast loading web pages

Each second you reduce a page’s load time results in a better user experience, increased satisfaction, confidence and trust in your website. If more people stay on your site, more will see what you offer, leading to higher conversion rates and more success for you!

3. Intuitive navigation

Make it easy to find your products with website search and navigation elements that seem obvious even to your less internet-savvy customers.

4. Mobile-friendly design

One in three online purchases is completed on a mobile device, and that number will just continue to grow.

5. Detailed product information

Online visitors can’t handle your products, so you need to describe and illustrate them thoroughly including multiple high-resolution photos and demonstration videos. Be sure to explain the advantages and benefits of using your product, not just a list of features.

6. Easy checkout process

Make buying from you intuitive and painless with as few steps as possible.

7. User-generated reviews

Shoppers are looking for objective evaluations of your products. Make it possible for your customers to tell others what they think directly on your website.

8. Customer service contacts & vendor information

Many website owner’s first impulse is to hide who they really are with only generic business location and contact information. This is a big mistake. To make sales, you need your customers to trust you. And the more personal you present yourself the better. Be a real person, give a face to your staff. Make it easy for shoppers to contact you with their questions or problems. Prominently post your contact information: customer service email at the bare minimum. Better yet something that gives a fast reply such as phone number or online chat.

9. Privacy Policy

Informs customers what you do with their personal data and promises it’s not shared with third parties.

10. Store Policies

Inspire trust buy letting your customers know what to expect before they buy. Store Policies should include details of shipping, payment options, taxes, returns and refunds, guarantee/warranty.

What else do you need?

Please share your ideas or questions in the comments below!



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Friday, April 19, 2019